The value, quality, service and technology from Japan make TLK Holdings brand not only in durable works and services over time but also with the long-term strategic vision of a powerful brand, constantly innovating and improving, investing in people and technology to bring the most effective and economical solutions for all works of TLK Holdings is served.

With a long-term vision and pure Japanese value, we are willing to invest with TLK Group in long-term and sustainable values ​​with the development of the ASEAN construction market to establish TLK Holdings in 2006.

TLK Holdings went through the formation and development together with the ups & downs market in the ASEAN region with an initial capital of only 10 billion VND. More than 14 years of operation to present, we have increased our corporate capitalization to over 720 billion VND.

Known as a leading brand in the region in the field of construction, M&E and supply of industrial equipment, TLK Holdings has won a lot of sympathy and trust from Owners. To gain this credibility, TLK Holdings has gone through more than 14 years of continuous development to master modern technologies and continuously improve standards, processes and quality in order to bring outstanding values associating with trust, reputation, quality, and cost reduction for Owners. This is the key to the sustainable success of TLK Holdings with the development and continuous leading the construction industry.

TLK Holdings is constantly methodically investing in the Design & Build model and successfully applying advanced BIM technology to speed up the progress but still ensure the quality of the project to achieve the trust of owner by consecutively being contracted in major projects such as Koken, Sansho, Nippon, Dragon, Mabuchi, Musashi, CCL, Kami Ichino, Kohnan … and system chains such as MiniStop, FamilyMart, Saigon Tourist, Doraemon Tofu, Gyouza …For TLK holdings, this is the driving force to continue its development strategy towards larger-scale projects such as high-rise buildings and resorts.

In the coming time, TLK Holdings will continue its development orientation focusing on the Design & Build model and will completely close the value chain in the construction industry. TLK Holdings will become a general contractor including design management, construction, supply of materials and equipment to implement a comprehensive and optimal solution for the project.

In addition to the investment, TLK Holdings also focuses on training human resources with training programs for key managers, engineers and technicians in Japan and other countries in the region, and organizes skills competitions in TLK Holdings for all employees to learn and exchange experiences. This not only helps to increase knowledge but also contributes to creating striving motivation, improving skills for employees at works, thereby increasing creativity and capacity improving to ensure quality of TLK constructions in Vietnam and in the region.

TLK Holdings is confident that every engineer and technician on the project is trained to become an independent quality supervisor, who does the following work must check the quality of the previous person. This Japanese standard inspection process ensures most perfect construction of TLK Holdings before handing over to Owners for use.

TLK Holdings has powerful financial capacity, large-scale operation, and a team of experienced, enthusiastic, highly qualified experts, architects, engineers and technicians from countries around the world. In the meantime, with the support from member companies such as Happia Holdings, Goodlife JSC, TLK M&E and TLK Group, we are confident to compete fairly with contractors inside and outside region.