On behalf of TLK, I would like to extend my gratitude and deepest and most sincere thanks to all valued customers, partners and organizations and individuals who have been interested in TLK Holdings.

At TLK Holdings, we build our reputation with enthusiasm and integrity, this is the only property that each employee has worked hard to build during the past time, with respect and appreciation of human and social values, respect and compliance with international and domestic standards.

To me, the success comes from sincerity is the most sustainable success and there are no assets of the company are worth more than the brand of TLK Holdings. More than 14 years since TLK Holdings was officially established, all leaders, managers and employees are committed to work under the motto of Quality – Prestige – Professionalism – Creativity and make endless efforts to create the most perfect construction works, at the same time towards sustainable development with the best quality, service and cost for each customer.

With pure Japanese values ​​and always innovative, always creating criteria to affirm the difference, I always appreciate and foster the human resources in my own way, combining management experience with the most advanced technology from Japan and the world, I have deployed to TLK Holdings and projects of valued customers. This is also the basis for TLK Holdings to better meet the rigorous requirements of customers.

From a fledgling brand name in 2006 that is less known in the construction field, up to now TLK Holdings has a certain position in the construction industry of the region, and at the same time has its own mark with its own typical projects and is increasingly trusted by Owners.

Having these good achievements, it is impossible not to mention the flexible and creative strategies of the Board of Directors and the tireless efforts and determination of all TLK Holdings employees; with the support of our valued customers, valued partners and international organizations are the biggest motivation and encouragement to help TLK Holdings increasingly improve.

On behalf of TLK Holdings, I would like to express my deepest thanks to our valued customers and partners, and at the same time, I would like to thank all leaders, managers and employees of TLK Holdings who accompanied me to light up the flame of TLK Holdings – the flame of belief, solidarity and enthusiasm.

With the change of the global economy, the break-through of the digital economy and the industrial revolution 4.0 and the COVID-19 pandemic, TLK Holdings will face more challenges, I look forward to continuously receive more supports from all valued customers and valued partners to TLK Holdings. I pledge to continuously strive to improve internal management capacity for TLK Holdings to develop in the most sustainable way and to successfully implement the goals set out in its long-term development strategy.

Please support and accompany TLK Holdings for us to create different value for your work and for your own benefit.

Chairman of the Board of Management & CEO

ODA Shogo