Industrial Buildings  

  • Factory, Industrial zone and urban infrastructure engineering works, Bridges & Roads, Quay.

Commercial Buildings       

  • Hotel, Resort, Supermarket, Shops, Showroom, Office, Restaurant, Convenience Store, Shopping Mall.

Power system  

  • Transformer station system, MSB low-voltage cabinet, Backup generator, Power system, Power supply, Distribution box, Capacitor cabinet, Switchboard MTS, ATS, … Socket system, Lighting, Emergency lighting and Exit, Grounding and Lightning protection system, Elevator & Escalator, Solar power system, Automatic control system …

Extra Low Voltage system

  • LAN and Internet, Telephone System, Automatic Fire Alarm System, CCTV Security Surveillance System, TV System, Burglar Alarm, Sound System, Access Control System, Time Attendance, Intelligent control system for the building.

HVAC system   

  • Residential and industrial air-conditioning systems (local, VRV center, AHU, Chiller …), Heat system (Boiler, Chiller), Vent system, Ventilation, Cold storage, Freezing warehouse, Clean room system …

Mechanical system   

  • Water supply and drainage, Waste water treatment, Gas systems, LPG, Firefighting systems, Compressed air, Energy supply ……
  • Maintenance and repair of MEP system for building and factory.
  • Renovation, repair and maintenance of Construction items.
  • All kinds of licenses application: Construction, Fire Protection, Environment, Business Registration…

Manufacturing and processing:

  • Precision mechanical products, Steel Structure, Crane Bridge, Conveyors and Conveyor belts, Stainless Steel Shelves, Warehouse Shelves and Supermarket, Electric cabinets, Cable ladder, High-class furniture …


  • Civil and industrial air conditioners: Panasonic, Daikin, Sanyo, Hitachi, Mitsubishi, York, Carrier …
  • Showcase, IQF, Freezer, Refrigerator, Industrial Kitchen, Food Handling Equipment, Refrigeration Compressor, Lifting Equipment: Bonnet Neve, Panasonic, Haier, Hitachi, Bitzer, Berjaya, Copeland, Mitsubishi, Fuji …
  • Air compressors, Generators, Crane bridges, Lifts, Solar panels: Hitachi, Mitsubishi, Cummins, Kobelco, Fuji, Canadian …
  • Materials Wood, Doors, Rolling doors, Gate doors, Partition, Panel, Ceiling panels, Insulation, Waterproof curtains and Metal accessories: Uniflow, Company, Bunka, Vina Sanwa …

Design consultancy for civil and industrial constructions

  • Interior and exterior works design
  • Site master planning
  • Technical infrastructure

MEP design consultancy for civil and industrial constructions

  • Consulting on investment in production and trading in technical infrastructure services, civil and commercial works, project planning and project investment license.
  • Consulting on investment and transfer factory, warehouse and industrial park; resort and resort real estate; project land, office, hotel, trade center.

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