TLK is orienting and gradually implementing the goal of becoming the best and most professional General Contractor and Design & Build model in ASEAN.

TLK confidently builds works that meet all the rigorous requirements of the Customer in terms of quality, safety, usability, technique, completion schedule, and reasonable price.

TLKis always proud of having a professional, experienced, enthusiastic employee team in the profession and especially incessantly creative to make different things, famous works with the TLK brand’s name.

From a fledgling brand name in 2006 that is less known in the construction field, up to now TLK Holdings has a certain position in the construction industry of the region, and at the same time has its own mark with its own typical projects and is increasingly trusted by Customers. Over the years, TLK has won a lot of sympathy and trust from Customers by consecutively being contracted in major projects of the manufacturing plants and warehouse such as Koken, Sansho, Nippon, Dragon Logistics, Mabuchi Motor, Musashi Paint, CCL, Kami Ichino, Kohnan … and system chains such as MiniStop, FamilyMart, Saigon Tourist, Doraemon Tofu, Gyouza … For TLK Holdings, this is the driving force to continue its development strategy towards larger-scale projects such as high-rise buildings and resorts.

TLK constantly improves its capacity competitiveness to continue affirming its Values ​​and Position in the region of the construction field; And TLK is taking every step further to conquer the world standards.

TLK will be a reliable choice for all Customers and with the entrustment and confidence of customers. TLK will always be a standard and responsible contractor for each investment capital of Customers.