The construction industry is facing many challenges and highly competitions. In order to reform the organizational structure, promote operational efficiency, TLK Holdings applies solution and ERP software which will be a powerful tool for TLK to achieve its objectives.

TLK Holdings is in the process of reviewing, arranging, organizing, restructuring and quickly updating new technologies and techniques to improve labor productivity, management methods and optimize production and business activities. ERP Technology was selected as the most optimal and economical solution of TLK.

ERP software performs a number of specific work models in construction such as bidding management, contract and project management, equipment and leasing management, execution of contracts and projects, management financial and human resource management.

ERP software helps TLK to improve business performance and can afford all basic functions of the construction industry, providing strong supports to schedule business operation and increase productivity, develop employee potential, standardize standards and processes, ensure the best services to customers such as:

Customer Survey or Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Manage the entire life cycle of a project

Estimation and Quotation – Cost Estimate – Project Schedule Management and Direct Cost

Managing Contract and Purchase order (PO) – Managing Invoice – Providing Information in time

Accessible by mobile devices – Update daily work log, project

Customers – Suppliers – Document – Comprehensive security features

TLK Holdings is committed to providing all customers with the best quality products and services, the fastest, the most sufficiency and satisfy all the strictest requirements when applying ERP technology solution to TLK’s management system.