With the carefulness, prestige, and quality coming from Japan as a measure of brand value, TLK Holdings commits to bring customers to its products that meet high technical and artistic standards at the most competitive costs, at the same time contribute to change the social appearance of the host country through these works.

TLK Holdings assesses success on the basis of the success of customers and related partners, that success must be based on factors of high quality, safety at site, reasonable price and solutions of appropriate schedule and best after-sales service to meet Customer’s expectations and help Client achieve their investment capital management goals and long-term business strategy.

TLK Holdings is a company of professional operation, constantly innovating, ensuring prestige, friendly, open and honest. At the same time, building company culture that is always a pioneer in the field of Construction, M&E, production and business, trade and service to contribute to the economic development of the host country and to be ready to integrate into the world economy.


“For its production and business activities, TLK commits”


Respect the local government and community, respect Customers and shareholders, respect partners and employees, and simultaneously strive to distribute wealth to society in any way both physically and mentally.


Transparency in all production and business activities of TLK: Transparent management, transparent cooperation and transparent benefits.


This is one of TLK’s top criteria: Honesty brings trust in all relationships and transactions with colleagues, customers, and partners while keeping promises and honest behavior by always treat everyone according to the highest ethical standards.


Constantly creating and comprehensively improving the management system, technology, quality and service to meet the increasingly high and demanding requirements of the market and customers.

With pioneering spirit, always participating in creating new values ​​with strong spirit and ingenuity, TLK employee will create a picture of the best future.

With the teamwork spirit and encouragement to brace up all employees to work together towards the common goal of creation, create success and development, contemporary always respect the differences of individuals for multiplicative diversity and getting the best results.


With a strong will and passion, TLK focuses on what is doing and continuing to promote to success and outstanding development. Proactively offer solutions to do the best job, work with all the enthusiastic passion and highest sense of responsibility.

Labor Safety

Provide a workplace that is safe for all employees, related parties, neighborhood and responsible to the community and environmental friendliness. All potential risks can be prevented at each project.


The best quality, the fastest progress, and the most reasonable price at the same time always listen to find the best solution in order to satisfy the most demanding Customers, the most severe conditions, and do better than what TLK has committed.