TLK Holdings with a full enthusiasm and passion team of leaders and staff for the job, always believes in their own development, and which is always unanimously for the non-stop development of TLK.

TLK Holdings with a team of foreign experts and experienced engineers who is constantly creating and dare to face the challenges of overcoming the most difficulties at work; And team spirit and the  highest responsibility are transmitted from Japanese experts and culture every day. This is the success key for the stable development of TLK.

TLK Holdings with practical human resources training programs for managers, engineers and professional staff in Japan and famous partners, which always train employees to become independent working people. The person doing the next stage must check the quality of the previous person. This not only helps to improve knowledge but also contributes for creating motivation to strive, improving skills for the management team, engineers and employees, thereby increasing creativity and enhancing capacity to increase quality, shorten progress and reduce construction costs. TLK focuses on training and developing people, building professional management procedures in accordance with Japanese standards.

TLK Holdings is always proud to cooperate with reputable and famous partners in the region. Always accompanying TLK are professional and experienced consultants, suppliers, subcontractors …

With the best cooperation and support from partners, TLK has continuously increased its value and position in the business field. And this is the reason for TLK to constantly strive to build a solid, experienced, enthusiastic team to the job, and which is always in unison with moving TLK forward faster and further on the way to conquer the top of the Construction World.

TLK Holdings is always proud of having a professional, experienced, enthusiastic employee team in the profession and especially incessantly creative to make different things, famous works with TLK brand’s name.



  • BOD : 14 Employees (Japanese Expert: 04 Employees)

  • Managers : 54 Employees

  • Architect : 12 Employees

  • Construction & MEP engineer : 62 Employees

  • Officer : 44 Employees

  • M&E technician : 45 Employees

  • Construction Team 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 : 119 Employees



  • Construction system : 38 Units

  • MEP system : 30 Units



  • Building contractor : 19 Contractors

  • MEP contractor : 12 Contractors


ODA Shogo

Chairman of the Board of Management & CEO

Owners, participated since the first days of TLK Holdings establishment. Graduated from Meiji University in Japan, School of Political Science and Economics.
He joined Hitachi, Ltd., where he was engaged in the overseas business division of white goods, and experienced the establishment and management of overseas production bases in Southeast Asia, India, Central South America, and other regions. He then moved to a paint manufacturer and established a specialty paint manufacturing base in Vietnam, utilizing his previous experience, and served as the first president of the subsidiary company for about 8 years.
With over 25 years of experience in overseas business and management positions, he possesses decisiveness and strategic vision. With his experience and flexibility, he has further established the TLK Holdings brand in Vietnam. His goal is to further develop this brand value and become a company that can compete equally with major construction companies in the near future.

ODA Hiroyuki

Deputy Chairman of the Board of Management

He came to Vietnam as an International Sales & Marketing Manager of the Sanyo Group which was a business partner of TLK Group. Through good and successful cooperation showed the potentials of TLK Group as well as the construction market, he officially invested and participated in establishing TLK Holdings with other owners. He graduated in Business Administration major at Tokyo Science University in Japan; and with more than 21 years experience of executive managing corporations, he took the position of Chief Executive Officer of TLK from 2006 to 2016. Under his leadership, TLK Holdings has become one of the leading construction companies in Vietnam, at the same time cooperating with international partners to expand TLK’s product and business activities such as mechanical manufacturer, industrial equipment distribution.


Deputy Chairwoman as well as Director of Sales & Marketing

She is the Co-founder of T.L.K company in 2004 and is a pioneer in leading and orienting the development of T.L.K Holdings through all stages. In 2003, she completed the program of Master’s degree in Business Administration, with the spirit of constantly learning. In 2011, she continued to complete the program of Master’s degree in Development Economics. Under her ingenious leadership and development strategy, TLK Holdings has continuously achieved many successes, affirming its position as a prestigious and top quality company in the construction industry in Vietnam. Currently, she also holds the position of Chairman of Happia Holdings and GoodLife Holdings.


Deputy General Director of International Sales & Marketing.

He graduated with Business Administration major at Senshu University, who was an International Business Manager of the famous Japanese YKK AP Inc with more than 21 years of experience in management, he joined in TLK by his passion and belief for the continuous development of TLK in the Viet Nam construction field in particular and the ASEAN region in general. He and TLK’s Management Board have been creating different economic values, contributing to promote the development of society and making TLK become one of the strong, prestigious and potential brands in construction field.


Director of Sales & Marketing

Came to Vietnam in 2014 after obtaining Bachelor of Laws at Hosei University in Tokyo. After being in charge of Sales and Marketing at TLK Holdings for about 3 years, worked for an infrastructure development company of the Industrial Park in Ba Ria-Vung Tau Province for about 5 years, involved in general management and operation of industrial park of all phases of the company establishment, construction and operation phase of the customers.
After 2022, in the business expansion of TLK Holdings, she sympathized with the enthusiasm of the management board of TLK Holdings and the sincere attitude of accompanying customers with a long term view, she joined TLK Holdings again.
By demonstrating her inherent vitality and meticulous responsiveness, she is striving every day to contribute to the Customer Success of business in Vietnam for as many customers as possible through value creation and solutions unique to TLK Holdings.

OKAWA Manabu

Manager of Project & Sales

Born in Saitama Prefecture in Japan. In the construction industry of Japan, he specialized in building material processing and was in charge of on-site safety management, training of new employees, and quality control for many years. After that, he left the construction business and worked in other business filed. He started his own business as the representative director for about 9 years. With the rapid growth of Southeast Asia, he became interested in Vietnam and moved to Vietnam in 2015 to join TLK Holdings. Applying strict Japanese standards and procedures to improve staff awareness on a daily basis in order to lead to safety management at site and quality improvement. With the motto of “always acting for someone else,” as a construction partner who is always there for our customers.


Deputy General Director of MEP Engineering

A veteran member of TLK Group, selected and retained since establishing TLK Holdings, who graduated in Technology Engineering major at University of pedagogical techniques;  He has held many positions as construction engineer, design engineer, construction manager to director of MEP department, up to now he achieved the position of Deputy General Director with his own effort and knowledge. With more 15-year dedication, he has built and trained a team of managers, engineers and employees with youth, dynamism, creative thinking and perfect works for TLK’s customers. Understanding TLK’s development strategy and directly operating through each stage, and the ability for understanding the customers’ needs, he is currently one of the key leaders in TLK’s projects.


Director of Finance & Accounting

She graduated in Finance and Accounting from Thuong mai University (TMU). With nearly 20-year experience operating in the field of finance and accounting, she has assumed many responsibilities at TLK and outlined reasonable and accurate financial strategies over the years to help TLK be proactive in term of capital;  And the Board of Management, the Board of General Directors are always confident in TLK’s financial capacity. With the knowledge of financial accounting profession, the Government’s financial management policies and regimes through each period which help TLK always comply with the policies and regulations issued by Government. She is a solid back-end for TLK’s business and investment activities since the early years of TLK’s establishment.


Director of MEP Engineering

She graduated in electrification and power supply from Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Education (HCMUTE). Being an expert in the MEP field with nearly 20 years of experience, she has been working with TLK to develop an increasingly complete MEP department with Japanese processes and standards, contributing to promote the development of TLK’s prestige, brand, product – service quality in the market. Over 10 years working at TLK, she has built a growing and professional MEP department and accompanied with a Japanese expert team to create quality, convenient, economical works and meet the most rigorous Japanese standards.

Ông Nguyễn Thanh Sang giám đốc xây dựng


Construction Director

He graduated with a major in construction engineering from Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (HCMUT) and joined TLK Holdings from the first day of establishment, been through positions such as structural designed engineer, construction engineering Manager, Deputy Construction Director. During his working  at TLK, he had the opportunity to work together with famous Japanese experts and especially Nikken Sekkei. With more than 20 years of experience working in the construction field, he fully deserves the position of Construction Director at TLK, who a master of construction engineering to create the solidity and endurance for TLK’s works.


Customer Services Director

Graduated with a major in Electrical engineering at Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Education and joined TLK Holdings from the early days of its establishment, experiencing positions such as MEP design engineer, construction technical manager, Customer Service Manager. While working at TLK, he had the opportunity to work with famous Japanese experts. With more than 15 years of experience working in the field of MEP, he fully deserves the position of Customer Servics Director at TLK, being the technical expert of MEP himself, creating the best service value and the most satisfaction for TLK’s works and customers.