BIM is current priority trend of the construction industry around the world. BIM is a new technology solution that allowed to conduct virtual construction before the actual works. By this way, the party (Customer, design consultancy, contractor …) may consider and evaluate the effectiveness of the work before implementing on the real construction, estimating the difficult problems which would happen in each stage to improve efficient design, construction and operation throughout the life of the project.

TLK has been researching and developing BIM applications for its project since 2016 and has quickly applied the BIM process based on sharing information from the related parties on planning, design, estimates, construction, operation, maintenance… in the working process, from the concept formation stage to the completion stage at TLK’s constructions.

TLK met many difficulties in the early stages of BIM research but it seems as a challenge, an opportunity to promote the consensus of all levels of leaders, managers and employees of TLK to reap better than expected in BIM implementation and application. This creates motivation and leverage for belief in the success of the BIM department at TLK.

BIM has been making breakthrough changes in TLK projects and bringing value to the Customer the best works through minimizing cost and time, speeding up the process, safety, enhancing quality…

TLK takes full advantage of the outstanding advantages when applying BIM such as design visual model, automatic information data management, saving cost-time, increasing collaborative ability, reducing risk… Besides knowledge and experience in construction for years, TLK believes that we will be an effective and reliable strategic partner of all Customers in the development and construction.