T.L.K Holdings - Site management & Construction work

Site management & Construction work

We provide the quality management, the progress management and quickly and sensitively respond to various problems in the construction site through the good communication with our customers...

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T.L.K Holdings - Architectural & Structural design

Architectural & Structural design

Our construction design help customer make more comfortable space from comprehensive perspective, from the stage of preparation to that of management and operation of customer's project...

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T.L.K Holdings - Consulting


Understanding your project, your activities, helping you trough the steps to invest in Vietnam.

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Best Service

T.L.K Holdings - Design and installation of Mechanical & Electrical (M&E)

Design and installation of Mechanical & Electrical (M&E)

Our M&E & Construction department closely coordinate with each other, and proffer the most appropriate solution in their each constraint condition.

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Best Quality

Taking advantage of 20 years' experience and performance to achieve a stable quality, low cost.


We obtain for you administrative authorizations (building permit, fire safety permit, environment permit etc.)

After Service

We will offer free maintenance service for one year after the delivery in case of emergency.