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T.L.K Holdings Company

From its establishment in 1996, T.L.K HOLDINGS has been growing as a pioneer of privately owned General Contractors in Vietnam and has gained significant experience in the construction field. Until today our company have been in the business of construction for more than a decade now and still counting. We has brought safety, quality and productivity to a variety of building construction projects. Under the situation that Japanese and foreign companies increase investment in Vietnam, we make efforts day-to-day to make "all customers" happy and to become a corporation needed by "society".

Our mission statement “THE SATISFACTION OF CUSTOMER IS THE SUCCESS OF T.L.K” - we are committed to bring the satisfaction to customers with our best services by high quality work with competitive prices in order to add more value for customers.

We aims to be indispensable presence for Vietnamese society by utilizing the strengths of our previous experience, footwork, network, and team work. We would appreciate your continued cooperation.


Respects the Individual, Society, and strive to enrich Society in all ways, both materially and spiritually, through its business activities.


Integrity in mind, and aim to become a business enabler that can meet the needs of our customer.


Integrity: Acting in alignment with personal and professional standard and values; keeping agreements; interacting consistently at all time with every one, everywhere.

Passion: All ways have passion in the heart with calm brain, focusing intensely on issues, with strong will and momentum to succeed.

Challenge: Have the pioneer sprits, and undertaking new things with strong minds with creativity and ingenuity.

Visionary: Possessing a clear picture or idea of a desired future; communicating that vision and leading others to its achievement.

Diversity: Respect and accept the differences of individuals, making use of the diversity to enhance results.


  • Establishment of T.L.K construction

    T.L.K was established and operating in the field of commercial, architectural design, M & E and construction

  • Open Hanoi branch (Lac Viet)

    Open Representative Office - Ha Noi Branch, Lac Viet

  • Establishment of T.L.K M&E


  • Sanyo's sale agent

    Start Sanyo commercial products business (sale agent) in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos

  • Establishment of Good Life Co., Ltd

    Establishment of Good Life Co., Ltd - proccessing and exporting tropical fresh fruits to Japan, Korea markets and European countries.

  • General contractor for Family Mart Vietnam

    General contractor for Family Mart Vietnam (Building, Interior, and refrigerated showcase)

  • General contractor for Ministop

    General contractor for Ministop (Building, Interior, and refrigerated showcase)

  • Establishment of T.L.K new office


  • General contractor for Aeon Citimart Go Vap

    General contractor for Aeon Citimart Go Vap (Building, Interior, and refrigerated display case)

  • Establishment of T.L.K Holdings Company



TLK ISO 9001:2008
TLK Vietnam Enterprises
TLK Trusted Brand