Design and installation of Mechanical & Electrical (M&E)

Our M&E & Construction department closely coordinate with each other, and proffer the most appropriate solution in their each constraint condition.

T.L.K Holding - M&E Chiller Piping Work
T.L.K Holding - M&E fire fighting & high voltage substation
T.L.K Holding - M&E cold & refrigerated warehouse

How about handling furniture and fixtures?

Kindly let us know the furniture and fixtures, kitchen equipment, electric products etc. necessary for factories, warehouses, offices, shops etc together with construction / interior. Furniture can be designed according to customer's desired layout as well as ready-made items.

We'd like to import building materials and electric equipment.

Basically we use national products available in Vietnam but we have a trade license so we can import and customs procedures from abroad such as Japan, Korea and Thailand. Please contact us once you have any requests.

What are procedures such as building application?

We are also familiar with administrative procedures related to construction such as construction, firefighting and environmental application.