T.L.K Holding - M&E Chiller Piping Work
T.L.K Holding - M&E fire fighting & high voltage substation
T.L.K Holding - M&E cold & refrigerated warehouse

What is the construction result of TLK?

There are many such as the factory construction / renovation of the Japanese company, interior of the rental factory, store / office interior. For customers who wish, we will guide you on our construction practice.

Can we consult in Japanese?

Yes. All the meetings are possible with Japanese and in Japanese. Please do not hesitate to tell us detailed nuances and requests. Estimates, drawings, daily reports etc. will also be delivered in Japanese.

Is the estimate free?

Yes. Our company conducts basic design from the initial meeting and we will submit quotation / drawing free of charge. We will keep in mind that we tell customers easy to understand by using image parsing or photographs as necessary.